Wednesday 9th January 2019

In December we had quite a few departments take their students on trips and visits to enrich their studies with us.

On 5 December 2018, 40 psychology students attended a hands-on psychology day at the University of Central Lancashire, an event which was exclusively arranged for King Ed’s students.

This offered our students the chance to experience what psychology is like at degree level, whilst also getting the chance to see what attending University would be like. During the visit, students got to see working psychology labs including an observational suite with two-way mirrored glass; have a go at some hands on cognitive psychology by taking part in a memory experiment and also interact first hand with UCLAN’s break through research in criminal psychology. This was an insightful day for all involved, see some of our students’ comments below.

“The forensics’ talk was really interesting and has made me consider talking forensic psychology at university.”

“Really good day, the lecturer and student helpers were really helpful, providing lots of exciting first-hand insight into psychology at university. It was also really good to see the psychology labs.”

“The psychology talks were really interesting and engaging."

“Very interesting, taught me a lot about what psychology is like at university and provided a good insight until possible course and topics we could study."

Psychology students

Psychology students

On the 4th December, our current year 12 modern history students, took a trip down to the People's History Museum to learn more about the suffragette movement, which was formed in 1903 and led by Emmeline Pankhurst, and fought to win British women the fight to vote.

History students

History students

Our geology students attended a lecture on 3 December, presented by Dr Daniel Field from the University of Cambridge on ‘The Dinosaur Resurrection: How modern birds rose from the ashes of an asteroid’. It was a really fascinating talk and they also got to enjoy a tour of the Lapworth Geology museum.

Geology students

Geology students

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