Saturday 17th February 2018

Today a group of our Kedst Geology students attended a day of geology lectures at the annual Herdman Symposium (at the University of Liverpool) with hundreds of geologists from around the UK and further afield.

It was an early start for us (and we're currently on the train home) but worth it! A chance to chat with experts in their fields and be amongst the first to view the latest data on a range of topics (everything from fossil sharks to the plumbing systems of volcanoes).

However, we all got a little more than we bargained for...

At approximately 14:30 this afternoon, half way through a lecture, suddenly the screen starts wobbling and the projector on the ceiling starts swinging. We exchanged excited glances!

Naturally we quickly brought the data up on the screen to analyse it - don't think there have ever been so many seismologists analysing the data in one room at once.

It was certainly an experience for our students and they were excellent representatives for the college. Colleagues commented on how polite, intelligent, and enthusiastic they are. It was truly a pleasure to spend the day in their company.

Following our extraordinary (and exciting!) experience we were asked to fill in the British Geological Survey questionnaire. If you experienced the earthquake in any way we would like you to also fill in the survey if you can. Here is the link:

On behalf of myself and our wonderful students, have a fantastic and restful earthquake-free half term!

Robyn Amos

Geology Students

Geology Students

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