Monday 16th April 2018

Have you completed your Bronze and Silver award and want to continue? Or are you interested in going straight for Gold.

King Edward VI College, are an accredited supplier for the Duke of Edinburgh and are able to offer the Gold award as part of an enrichment activity in year 12.

Each year we have around 50 students sign up to take part in the Gold award so across the two years we have approximately 100 students taking part.

Some of the students who take part are direct entrants and go straight in for their Gold award while others have completed either their Bronze, Silver or both awards at high school.

The Gold award itself has five sections the applicants must complete and they have until they are 25 years old to complete it. There are 5 sections to the Gold Award

  1. Volunteering
  2. Physical Activity
  3. Skill
  4. Expedition 
  5. Residential

Sections 1, 2 and 3 can be done over a time period the student chooses. They must spend at least 18 months on one section, 12 months on another and 6 month on the third. For all of these they keep a diary to show that they are averaging approx. one hour a week or more on the activity.

The College organises the Gold expedition section for students. We use an accredited activity provider and students currently spend a week in the Lake District training at the end of year 12 and then return to a different area of the Lakes at the end of year 13 to complete a 50-mile trek through wild country being totally self-sufficient with no outside help or resources and they have a formal assessor to pass/fail each group.

The residential section runs only at Gold award level only and students choose their residential, but it must be away from home for a minimum of 4 nights with a group of students/adults they do not know beforehand. We have had students helping out at National Trust Sites, going and working in Youth Hostels and even building schools or wells in Uganda and Nepal... the choice is theirs.

Whilst at College they have the help of a staff mentor who can they seek guidance and help from and can also contact directly for any reason. They log their achievements and progress on EDOE (electronically) and the staff mentor can access this at any time to see how they are progressing. When they have completed all sections and it has been verified then they are invited to the Palace to receive their Award in person, this is done by Prince Edward and Sophie now the Duke has retired!

So far, we have had about 50 students who have been to the Palace with another group attending this Spring for what will be a special day.

DofE Gold

DofE Gold

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