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Thursday 20th June 2019

 42 of our year 13 Chemistry students took part in this year’s 51st Royal Society of Chemistry Olympiad, a competition that is designed to challenge and stimulate the most talented Sixth Form chemists in the country.

 This year over 7,000 students from across the UK took part in Round One, a gruelling 2-hour written exam composed of a series of structured questions designed to stretch able students, making them apply the principles they have learnt to new and often much more complex problems than they would meet on their A level course.

 The 42 students, 18 of whom are female, voluntarily took additional hour-long lessons every week of term to work on problems in preparation for the test, learning theory well beyond the A level syllabus.

 Chemistry skills can lead to a range of fulfilling careers and the future certainly looks bright for our students. In total 40 of the 42 won medals; 8 Gold (which places them in the top 8% of all entrants), 21 Silver (top 25%), and 11 Bronze (top 30%).

 Congratulations to all of our amazing and talented students!

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