The College uses ParentMail as a communication method for the organisation of parent events and payments for trips, visits and any college purchases.

ParentMail allows us to communicate with you quickly to inform you of things like parent evenings, emergency closures, college events and other important pieces of information regarding the College. It will also allow you to book an appointment from those available on our parent evenings. ParentMail can be accessed through a webpage from your desktop computer, laptop or tablet, and via an app from your phone.

To be registered with ParentMail the College requires a current email address for every parent. We are then able to record you as a parent with ParentMail and send you will be sent a registration email.  If you have not already received a registration email then please ask your child to provide the College with one you currently use. Please note that this must be done through your child in order for use to verify it as valid.

The College records attendance, attainment and effort information for all students. Parents for whom have a registered email address will be emailed directly with a monthly attendance report, and with a full report following any academic review period.

Further information concerning ParentMail, including their data protection policy, can be found at and if you require any assistance or further information from the College you can complete the email form below and we will get back to you.

ParentMail web enquiry.

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My child is on a 'Cause for Concern'. What does this mean?

This means that one or more college staff have a concern about your child (pastoral or academic) requiring formal  monitoring and intervention. Level 1 is between the student and member of staff raising the concern, level 3 involves parents or guardians - and is the result of prior interventions not working - level 2 lies between these. Our aim in all cases is to help the student work to resolving the issue.

What is the college's expectation regarding attendance?

The college expects 100% attendance at all timetabled lessons and events (eg clubs and societies) unless there is a good reason for non attendance. Research proves that achievement on courses is directly linked to attendance so lessons should not be missed unless it is absolutely necessary. As a guide, dental check ups and driving lessons should not be booked to clash with timetabled activities.  If a student knows they are going to be absent in advance (eg consultant appointment) they should notify 'Registry' as far in advance as possible. Students going home ill during the college day need to sign themselves out as 'sick', and all students need to keep the college updated regarding reasons for absence and likely duration of the absence.  Staff will work with absent students to ensure they receive all the help and support needed.

Parents' handbook

We produced a Parents' handbook, which contains useful information about King Edward's and what your child can expect when studying with us. Please download your copy or request a printed version.

Parents handbook

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