Wednesday 12th July 2017

In May, your journey with us ended. It has been a magical experience to have you part of the King Edward’s community over the last two years.

It’s a special community because of every individual who forms part of it. The community you have helped forge is a community built upon respect, where we are all valued for our own unique characteristics.

As a cohort, you will always hold a special place in my heart, as you began your journey at King Ed’s during the same year I became Principal. So your journey has also been mine. I am always inspired when chatting with you. I have taken great pleasure in your successes and I have been so proud of how you have coped with challenges you have faced.

I see so much potential in each of you. This potential has grown and developed throughout your time with us. You have embraced everything the College has had to offer and you have developed confidence and self-belief – I hope that this will enable you to continue to realise your aspirations in the future.

We know that it wasn’t easy all of the time, but you worked hard. There were stresses, anxieties and deadlines to meet, alongside all of the work you had to do, and balancing this with your other commitments. However, I knew that you all had the ability to cope with this and a tremendous amount of potential.

So, as you move on to greater things, my message to you hasn’t changed. I will continue to encourage you to seize every opportunity and to make stuff happen and to believe in yourself, even when it’s tough - you can steer yourself in any direction you choose.

As you leave here, my wishes for you are simple. I wish that you feel the beauty of the dewdrops in the morning and that you marvel at the sunset at night – and that you take the time to appreciate it…

I wish for you that you know the importance of kindness in all of its forms – from your family, from your friends, from the support you will get from colleagues and from unexpected delightful encounters from strangers who are kind, without expecting anything in return…

I wish for you that you find someone whom you love, breathlessly and with generosity, and that this person will love you back because of who you are and not for any other reason.

I wish for you that you are so inspired by learning that you get lost in a book, or in music, or in dance, or in art or in a complex equation or in the connections between ideas – I wish for you that these things ignite the spark of your curious mind and that your curiosity takes you to unknown and unexpected places…

Year 13, go well.


Overall pass rate for A levels in 2019


•A*-C rate: 82.9%, significantly above the national average of 76.8%


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