Sunday 22nd January 2017

Admissions events help us to discover curious minds.

Discovering curious minds …

It’s a busy time of year.  In truth, this is a much used phrase in the education sector – I know, because at whatever time of the year you catch me, I am likely to use this phrase.  But, what’s important to understand, apart from the cliché, is that this is what makes the world of education so exciting, so stimulating and so very special.  We’re busy because we are working with young people to help them to unleash their potential, to develop themselves and to discover the extent of their own creative, intellectual and personal curiosity…

January and February are particularly busy months in our admissions cycle, for our course consultation events are in full swing.  And, truly, this is a most exciting time of the year.  We invite prospective students to our campus to discuss their hopes and aspirations for the future.  We provide bespoke one-to-one sessions so that we can discuss course preferences and help our applicants to build a study programme that will set them up for success and for the next important steps in their educational, professional and personal journeys.  We look for potential – we try to discover curious minds.  Then, when students join our community, we spend the next two years nurturing potential and developing these curious minds … 

I would like to pay tribute to the admissions team and to all of my colleagues who devote time and effort to ensure our admissions events run smoothly and are a valuable experience for applicants and their families.  A very special thank you to our wonderful and tireless student ambassadors who help us at these events.  You remind us why our ‘busyness’ is so very worthwhile.


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