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Tuesday 10th October 2017

At the end of June, we opened our doors to welcome the parents of the incoming cohort of students. The evening was the first steps in the development of an on-going partnership, a partnership which we hope will continue to grow and flourish over the course of the next two years. Our ambition is to offer your children, our new students support in their academic, creative, intellectual and personal development.

We have a strong and thriving community and it is this that is essential to the development of each individual within it. The King Ed’s community is charactarised by its vibrancy, its inclusiveness and the respect we have for one another, making it the perfect environment to promote learning.

Once our students arrive in September, we will go the extra-mile to ensure they can achieve, but, of course, the support we provide at College is enhanced by the support you provide at home. I believe that both of these dimensions are essential to ensure that our young people can thrive. I am sure that we share the same hopes for them: that they are inspired, that they feel valued and secure, that they are comfortable and eager to learn. I am sure that we share the same aspirations for them: that they expand their horizons whilst at college, that they maintain a passion for learning and that they develop in every possible way: personally, intellectually, creatively and academically.

As part of our partnership with you, we want you to know that support for our students is an important aspect of our approach to community and to the quality of the educational experience we provide. This support is two fold: each student has an individual student support tutor who provides pastoral care. Our team of SSTs are full-time pastoral experts who are available throughout the day or via phone and email. Our teachers support students inside and outside of the classroom, especially through one-to-one meetings and weekly workshop sessions aimed at enhancing academic support in a very bespoke way. 

We have a strong ethos in our approach to education. Firstly, we aim to develop curious minds.  We believe that our students really learn and get really inspired by learning when they are curious.  This leads naturally to the development of both creative and critical thinking skills which our students will need to support them through life, long after they leave King Ed’s.

Secondly, we aim to support the development of the whole person. We have a curriculum which in addition to the A level programme, offers our students a wide range of opportunities to both broaden and complement their academic studies. Through our enrichment programme, our students have the opportunity to delve into new areas, some leading to additional qualifications whilst others provide opportunities for a range of development, whether that be athletic, creative, intellectual, or for relaxation.

Finally, we promote active engagement. We want every student to be challenged in the way that is appropriate to them. This means that our teaching is based upon teachers really knowing their students, knowing what their strengths are and where they need challenge or more support and guidance. 

I hope that this brief overview highlights to you what we value about our community and what we strive to foster within our community on a daily basis: respect for each individual, collaborative partnerships, effective communication, and support for each student in a variety of ways. We look forward to welcoming both you and our new students in September.


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•A*-C rate: 82.9%, significantly above the national average of 76.8%


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