Public Value Statement

Public Value Statement

Public value statement – January 2016

King Edward VI College, Stourbridge is an exempt charity under the terms of the Charity Act 2011. In return the college has a commitment to deliver a significant, measurable, public benefit to the local community. As the only sixth form college in the Black Country, King Edward VI College is a unique institution, characterised by its vibrant, inclusive and exciting community which serves the educational needs of over 2000 high aspiring 16 – 19 year olds from a variety of cultural and social backgrounds.

The college is committed to continually improving its already outstanding provision. Our aim is to provide a rigorous, stimulating and enriching educational experience to prepare our students for their next step in life. This commitment lies at the heart of our college mission and values.

Our mission is: To challenge each student to achieve personal and academic excellence leading to enhanced life and career opportunities.

The following values are fundamental to the philosophy and mission of the college:

1. Excellence: high student achievement

2. Enrichment: education of the whole student

3. Independence: fostering initiative in student attitudes to learning

4. Opportunity: success regardless of background

5. Equality : a safe place to value and celebrate diversity

6. Community: students, staff, parents and local people working together.

7. Partnerships; collaborative relationships with other organisations

8. Continuity: celebrating our past while embracing the future.

9. Integrity: in all we do

Our strategic aims are:

1. To support and inspire students to achieve the highest levels of academic attainment and personal development

2. To provide the highest possible quality of learning environment

3. To provide a safe environment for students and staff, ensuring they benefit from the practice of equal opportunities

4. To equip students with the confidence to embrace their future

5. To embed a culture of ongoing quality improvement

6. To pursue an ethos of continuing professional development in order to maintain the highest standards

7. To promote creative solutions to efficient and effective management of resources in a challenging financial environment

8. To ensure that college plays an integral role in the life of the local community

9. To build and maintain collaborative partnerships with other organisations, securing the continuing future of the college

The college creates public value by:

 Recognising and nurturing potential of students and staff

 Ensuring student welfare is at the heart of all we do

 Providing a high-quality A level curriculum to prepare students for their next step

 Achieving high levels of retention and progression rates

 Enabling skills acquisition to equip our students to contribute effectively to society

 Developing personal confidence and resilience amongst our students

 Nurturing high aspirations to support intellectual, creative and personal development

 Engaging in a range of local partnerships and collaborative ventures

 Promoting fund raising, volunteering and community involvement

 Encouraging active citizenship and engagement

 Actively promoting the values of equality, diversity and inclusion within the community

 Supporting and continually developing staff

 Contributing to the local community as an employer

 Being an efficient, effective and sustainable college

The Board of Governors regularly scrutinise the effectiveness of the college in achieving its aims and in its contribution to public value. Evidence of the college’s quality and effectiveness can be accessed via:

 Annual strategic and quality improvement plans

 Published accounts

 Achievement results in published performances tables

 Public records and minutes of college cooperation meetings

 Ofsted inspection reports

 Student and staff surveys

The governors of the college will review and update this public value statement as part of its regular review of the college’s strategic plan.

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