Current vacancies

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Current vacancies

King Ed's is amongst the best performing sixth form colleges in the country.  It has a consistent performance record and continues to compare well with other providers in most of the new performance indicators now included in league tables. King Edward’s full time level 3 16-19 success rates have been amongst the highest in the country for five years.  The last published data show the college operating at a 93.5% success rate for all long courses.   

The College’s buoyant local reputation has always led to oversubscriptions of applicants for places usually by a ratio of 2 to 1.  Unfortunately, there is no prospect of accommodating all who would wish to come, since the college occupies a restricted town centre site. King Edward’s success is securely founded on excellent 11-16 partner schools, committed, well qualified staff and open, highly responsive students who are a delight to teach.


Unlike most sixth form colleges, King Edward VI College has only full time students aged 16-19 with a curriculum  based upon academic GCE A levels. In 2014 – 15 the college introduced a Cambridge Technical course in PE and a Diploma in Higher Education, validated by Middlesex University. Within this part of the West Midlands, the College has established an enviable reputation as the main and the most successful provider of A level courses. A highly successful inspection was carried out by Ofsted in January 2008 with the college graded as outstanding overall.  

Equality and diversity

King Edward VI College celebrates diversity and aims to recruit from as diverse a range of staff as possible.

All completed application forms and general vacancy enquiries to be emailed to

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