If you’re an ambitious and hard-working student we’d love to talk with you about your next two years.  

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the admission process...

How can I find out more about what King Ed’s offers? 

  1. Attend one of our open events (see website for details) to see what a college environment is like and to talk to our students to hear about their experiences.
  2. Visit our website – especially the courses section.
  3. Talk to current students you might know.
  4. Compare our results with those of other colleges and sixth forms - The Department for Education’s website publishes ‘actual’ and ‘value added’ results for all school and college sixth forms.  Consider this information alongside other factors such as the opportunities to develop leadership skills or to learn a new skill that we offer, and the nature of the learning environment in terms of how staff and students relate to each other.

How can I find out which combination of subjects will best support my future aims and aspirations?

  • If you have a certain career or degree in mind, do some research online to find out which subjects provide the best foundation for this – or you can talk to our staff at an open event.
  • If you are uncertain, you can keep your options open by selecting A levels which are highly regarded for their academic rigour and the transferable skills they help you develop.
  • If you are considering a Russell Group university, you should read the ‘pathways’ advice offered by this group of top universities, see our website for more details.

How do I apply?

Our applications are currently closed for the September 18 admission cycle and will reopen at the beginning of October.

What are the minimum entry requirements?

Whilst successful candidates may have a wide range of different GCSE grades, the college minimum entry requirement is for at least 6 GCSE subjects at grade A*, A or B or 9,8,7,6 or 5 (for maths and English). Applicants will also need to meet any minimum entry requirements that in some cases apply to individual subjects (these requirements are included on each individual course page and will be printed on each offer letter).  Qualifications such as BTECs will be considered when deciding whether an offer will be made, however they do not form part of the minimum entry requirement. 

Come and join our vibrant learning community

Come and join our vibrant learning community

Do you take any special factors into consideration when making offers?

Yes!  We have a special application process, known as Access to King Edward’s – or A2K, for short.  If you have experienced significant hurdles in your education which may result in your actual GCSE results not reflecting your true A level potential, for example prolonged illness or moving between schools, our admissions process will take account of your individual circumstances provided you complete the A2K form detailing your special circumstances.  The college will interview all students who complete and submit an A2K form provided their application includes supportive references.  Please see our website for more details.  Also, we welcome applications from able students who are in care or have recently left care; we interview all applicants in this category, provided their application includes supportive references.

What is the course consultation like?

All course consultations are conducted in a friendly and supportive atmosphere and are structured to enable our staff to learn more about your strengths and ambitions, whilst also ensuring your final subject choices support your long term ambitions.  There will be plenty of opportunities to ask questions and learn more about college life.

Will I be accepted?

Conditional offers – stating specified grades - are made to applicants whom the college believes have the potential to most benefit from a place, based upon a variety of factors including their course consultation, the application form, and the school reference.  Each year we are contacted by students who wish they had applied but who chose not to so, if in doubt, you are encouraged to apply!  Our admissions team can offer lots of practical advice and will be happy to talk through any dilemmas or concerns you may have.

How do I find out the result of my course consultation?

All interviewed applicants will receive a letter stating whether or not their application has been successful. Decisions are normally communicated within three weeks; however, some applicants will wait longer for a decision.  The length of time taken by the college to make a decision has no bearing on the outcome.

What happens after I receive an offer?

We will invite you to attend one of our Welcome to College Days (4,5 & 6 July 2017). This will be your first real opportunity to start making new friends, experience A level lessons in each of your chosen subjects, and get to know our staff.  Then, in September, we host Induction Days, dedicated to our new students!  You’ll meet with our friendly staff and have lots of opportunities to explore the campus and learn about all the opportunities on offer to you outside your A level lessons, helping ensure your time at college gets off to the best possible start!

Once enrolled as a King Ed’s student you’ll be provided with the best possible advice and support throughout your time at college.  Our team of dedicated experts will answer any questions you have, provide ongoing support and pastoral care throughout your time at college.

If I do not get a place, can I appeal?

Any applicant who was not successful when applying for a place can appeal to the board of governors for their application to be reconsidered, including new information such as school reports or results not available when their original course consultation took place.  Details of the appeals process are sent to all unsuccessful applicants - click here for more information.

Whom do I contact for more information?

You should find all the information you need on our website.  If you have a specific enquiry, please contact our admissions team for more help.

Email the admissions team

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