Course overview

Accounting is the recording, reporting, presentation, and interpretation of financial information which takes place for all businesses, ranging from a local coffee shop to multinational retailers and non-commercial organisations such as the NHS.

Accountancy is a highly regarded profession with clear progression routes, both at higher apprenticeship and graduate level. Chartered accountants operate at the highest levels of business management, providing and interpreting information to assist in major decision making.

What will I study?

A level accounting will provide a detailed introduction to the discipline studying the role of the accountant and the underlying principles and concepts of accounting. You will learn about financial records and how to perform double entry bookkeeping and present financial information for a range of organisations including sole traders, partnerships, and companies and will be expected to analyse financial statements and evaluate business performance.

The course also includes management accounting topics, such as budgeting and stock costing and although calculations are an important part of the course, assessment is focused on processing numerical and written data, presenting information in a prescribed format and interpreting information in written form. 

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • We offer two enrichment activities which are, a certificate in financial studies, providing a Level 3 qualification in personal finance. And a finance baccalaureate which is a basic introduction to the financial services industry with a Level 3 examination in financial products, markets & services
  • Speakers from professional accounting bodies and accounting firms are invited to meet students throughout the year to explain the routes in to the profession and the wide range of opportunities available
  • Each year the college enters teams into the national ICAEW business competition

What can it lead to?

Many students who take this course choose a degree in accountancy or business management and some make a career choice before applying to university and benefit from a higher apprenticeship programme in some of the most established accountancy firms in the country. Other students simply use the subject to gain the entry grades for other studies.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in maths.

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