Course overview

Biology is described as the ‘science of life’ and its everyday relevance means it is never far from the headlines from developing life saving vaccines to identifying new species. Biologists work in many different and diverse fields, from cell biology, to medicine, food production and ecology and their work is vital to life as we know it.

What will I study?

The biology course is divided into 6 modules which cover a wide range of topics, from the foundations of biology which includes cell biology, biochemistry, DNA structure, function and cell division; to gas exchange in animals and transport in plants and animals. We also cover disease and the immune response, biodiversity and classification of plants and animals and look at the biochemistry of photosynthesis and respiration and research into genetic inheritance, control of gene expression, gene technology, cloning and biotechnology and ecology.

Practical work is an important part of all biology courses and students will have the opportunity to use relevant, modern technology including colorimeters, a video-microscope system, electrophoresis equipment and up-to-date molecular biology apparatus. 

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • There is an opportunity for students to participate in a biology field trip at the end of Year 12
  • There are enrichment sessions successfully preparing students for the biology Olympiad each year
  • HE+ sessions are available for biology and medicine.

What can it lead to?

A good grade in biology, in conjunction with the correct choice of other subjects, allows access to a wide range of careers such as medicine, veterinary science, healthcare science, dentistry, nursing, horticulture, teaching, fisheries and conservation work. The skills you develop; numeracy, literacy, evaluation, analysis, application of logic, ability to use technical terminology, give access to a wide range of courses and career choices.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grades in 6-6 combined science or a grade 6 in biology (if studied as a separate science) and 6 in maths.

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