Course overview

Business is all around us. It is impossible to live our daily lives without businesses and billions of people rely on businesses for work, food, communication, travel, and much more. The actions of businesses around the world affect us all.

The A level business course investigates and analyses how and why businesses are successful and looking at suggesting how they can improve. You will be given the skills and knowledge to learn about organisations from how they motivate staff to managing budgets and how they undertake major projects.

 What will I study?

The business A level is split up into three main components: One - business opportunities and functions, Two - Business analysis and strategy, and Three - business in a changing world. Component 1 is studied in Year 12 and contains introductory concepts and theories, as well as considering the four main functional areas of a business (finance, marketing, operations and people).

Component 2 considers how a business develops and implements their strategy and considers models and theories that help a business to set and achieve their strategies. Component 3 focuses on external influences on a business, including the political, economic and social environments that can impact on their decision making and performance.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • In lessons you will apply your theoretical knowledge to live business situations through class discussions and group presentations, and be offered the opportunity to go on trips and participate in sessions with visiting speakers
  • There is an emphasis on practical skills and you will be encouraged to develop your communication skills, team working skills, organisational skills, presentational skills, as well as learning how to write convincingly in order to demonstrate knowledge, application, analysis and evaluation skills in your written responses

What can it lead to?

Business students tend to progress on to a variety of differences courses at university, in particular business-related subjects, but degree course choices are very varied according to discipline because of how well business compliments a wide range of other A level choices. Students are also able to use their skills in business to enter direct employment or an apprenticeship.

Special entry requirements

We have no additional entry requirements for this A level.

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