Course overview

From the moment you are born, and throughout your life, you are surrounded by chemistry—in the air you breathe, the food you eat and the clothes you wear. Chemistry is the study of substances; what they are made of, how they interact and what role they play in living things.

Chemistry is a highly valued and necessary qualification required by universities when applying to study degrees in medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals and dentistry. Whilst not essential it is advantageous to study at least one other science e.g. maths, physics or biology. 

What will I study?

The first year of the A level course will be taught concurrently with the AS course and covers organic chemistry, such as the alkanes, alkenes, alcohols and haloalkanes and organic synthesis reactions. And, the Inorganic/physical chemistry: covering topics including moles, bonding and structure, redox reactions and acids and bases, energy changes, reversible reactions and equilibria, and rates of reaction.

In the second year you will develop a deeper knowledge and understanding and prepare for the external exam papers, which contain some synoptic assessment, multiple choice questions, short answer question styles (structured questions, problem solving, calculations, practical) and extended response questions including some stretch and challenge questions. For the full A Level the Practical Endorsement is a non- exam assessment component (module 1) which rewards the development of practical competency for chemistry and is teacher assessed over both years.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • The chemistry Olympiad
  • HE+ chemistry sessions
  • Many chemistry students are involved with the student led medical ethics enrichment activity

What can it lead to?

Students that study chemistry go on to a variety of degree programmes. These typically include medicine, pharmacy, optometry, biomedical science, veterinary medicine, dentistry, biochemistry as well as chemistry and chemical engineering.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grades 6-6 in combined science or a 6 in chemistry (if studied as a separate science) and 6 in maths.

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