Course overview

Classical civilisation is an A level which explores the values and cultural beliefs of both classical Greece and Rome, the two societies which are the bedrock of modern European society. Valued by all universities as an academically demanding, challenging yet exciting and engaging course, it is one that develops a huge variety of skills across a variety of disciplines - literature, philosophy, history, and art and architecture.

What will I study?

We study three units over two years. Firstly we discover, the ‘The World of the Hero’ which includes Homer’s Iliad, the first and greatest epic, alongside Virgil’s ‘The Aeneid’. These stories are great adventures which engage the reader with stories of love, gods, war and death.

The second unit is ‘The Invention of the Barbarian’ which uses Herodotus’ ‘Histories’ and Athenian tragedies to discuss and explore political, historical and philosophical events and beliefs. The final unit is the ‘Politics of the Late Republic’ and we explore the people and events that led Rome to change from a republic, to an empire with men such as Julius Caesar, Pompey the Great and Cicero leading a turbulent era of scandal, intrigue and war!

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • We visit the British museum and attend conferences and go on theatre visits
  • Yearly trips to Greece and Rome are organised
  • An informal Greek class is run at lunchtime and you are also able to take part in an extension class to help expand your knowledge of the classical world
  • There is a student-led classics society which offers opportunities to watch films and documentaries, participating in presentations, debates and discussions on classical themes

What can it lead to?

A large proportion of our students go on to study classical subjects at university. Others find that the analytical thinking and writing skills they develop during their studies prove to be a great help in other degree courses and future employment.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in either English language, English literature or history.

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