Course overview

Students choose to study dance for a variety of reasons; it may be a passion, future career aim or perhaps to contrast two purely theoretical courses to add variety to their programme of study. Often talented dancers select dance as they want to be challenged further in a new context and improve their versatility as a choreographer and performer.

Dance can be combined with any subjects but the theory element shares similar skill sets to English literature, drama, physical education and history. If you want to be physically active and creative, enjoy watching live and recorded performances and want to discover more about the history and developments dance, this is an ideal course for you.

What will I study?

Throughout the course you will widen your experience and knowledge of dance through technique lessons, creative exploration and theoretical analysis in our purpose built dance studio. During practical lessons you will develop your choreographic skills and develop the technical and expressive skills required to perform solo and group work for practical assessment.

Theoretical work is based on areas of study and set works, which allows you to engage critically with dance and understand the interrelationship between the creation, presentation and viewing/appreciation of dance. You will develop and demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of dance and its developments over time including: style, technique, influences, key practitioners, professional repertoire and communication of dance ideas, which will be assessed in a written examination.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Multiple trips are arranged each year to view dance works by a range of choreographers and are often complimented with practical workshops led by professional dancers from the shows to enhance learning
  • The College dance company is an exciting enrichment activity to stretch and challenge gifted and talented dancers. The group create and rehearse work of an extremely high standard for public performances

What can it lead to?

A dance A level can be the first steps towards working within the arts industry and there numerous degree courses, specialist dance and performance schools to further your studies. Careers within the arts can include; a performer, choreographer, teachers, community dance practitioner, arts administrator, production technician, physiotherapists, writers or academics.

Many of our former students have gone on to star in West End musicals such as Mamma Mia, Ghost and Dirty Dancing, or have been on national and international tours. Some have established and run private dance schools and agencies and some teach in schools and colleges both in Britain and abroad.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 4 in dance or recent experience.

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