Course overview

You will study prose, poetry and drama texts and develop your skills in being able to critically analyse these. You will have the opportunity to study both modern texts and texts from previous centuries, as well as having the opportunity for wider independent reading. A level English literature is an exciting and student-centred course involving discussions, debates, individual reading and research, as well as group and pair work leading to student presentations.

What will I study?

Over the course of the two years you will study a wide range of texts and will be encouraged to become an active reader and to offer opinions and ideas based on your own interpretations of literary texts, as well as considering the opinions of others. The texts you study will be from different social and historical contexts, including Shakespeare. You will also have the opportunity to study poetry published post 2000 and to develop your skills in analysing unseen poetry. You will be supported by a teacher in individual consultation sessions and will be encouraged to read independently and choose your own focus of study.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • The department organises theatre visits to performances of texts studied and students also benefit from study days and a wide range of revision lectures
  • Each year students are invited to enter the College’s poetry competition as part of National Poetry Day
  • Students are encouraged to develop their creative writing skills through enrichment group

What can it lead to?

This course can lead to the study of English at degree level and also supports university applications for courses such as modern languages, classics, arts, social sciences or humanities subjects. English literature is often looked upon favourably by universities as you will have carried out extensive reading and developed critical analysis skills. It is also an excellent qualification for a very wide range of professions, including journalism and teaching.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 6 in either English language or English literature.

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