Course overview

What shapes our landscape? Can we predict volcanic eruptions? Why do earthquakes occur where they do? How and why did the dinosaurs become extinct? Geology is a detective story where you develop the skills and techniques necessary to unravel the four billion year history of how the earth has evolved, how the planet works, and gain an insight into its possible futures. You will discover how an understanding of the dynamics of the earth allow us to predict and mitigate against hazards, find and exploit natural resources, and how geological factors influence the location of engineering projects.

What will I study?

Over the two year course you will learn how to identify and interpret minerals, rocks, fossils and geological structures; how rocks form and deform through the study of plate tectonics; and how to interpret past climates using evidence. You will also study how natural resources form and how we exploit them, as well as various geo-hazards and how we can mitigate against them. The course aims to develop many scientific skills, including basic geological mapping skills. Assessment involves three written examinations and the successful completion of practical work and fieldwork throughout the course.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • The course currently involves several local day trips and a residential trip to the Lake District to undertake fieldwork, which is a vital component of geology, allowing you to build skills in observing, collecting, and analysing field samples/data
  • There are also optional opportunities to travel further afield; in recent years trips have included an annual trip to Iceland and trips to the west coast of America and the Himalayas

What can it lead to?

Geology can lead to further studies in many subjects, such as, biomedical sciences, criminology, archaeology, geography, architecture and teaching. But, a vast proportion of our students go on to study geology at degree level, leading to careers as geoscientists, who are in demand to search for natural energy and mineral resources. Geoscientist graduates are also involved in environmental management and increasingly in the study and mitigation of global climate change.

Special entry requirements

We have no additional entry requirements for this A level.

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