Course overview

Modern history covers the period from the eighteenth century until our own lifetimes. This A level examines the challenges and changes in twentieth century Britain, America at the time of the American Revolution and in nineteenth and twentieth century Russia.

What will I study?

The modern history course is divided into four units. Unit 1 delves into the history of Britain from the 1900-1951. This unit focuses on social and political change in Britain through the twentieth century, starting with a detailed study of changes in Britain before and during the First World War. Looking at women’s suffrage and examining how Britain responded to the challenges of decline between the wars and the impact of World War Two. The unit ends with a study of the Labour government from 1945-51, which introduced the modern welfare state.

Unit 2 covers the American Revolution from 1740-1796 and looks at the reasons for and the process of the American Revolution, which resulted in the formation of the modern United States in the late eighteenth century. Unit 3 covers Russia and its Rulers from 1855-1964. This in depth study of an extended period of Russian history, focusing on the way Russia responded to the challenges of enormous political and economic change, war and modernisation, particularly the similarities and differences between the ways late Imperial Russia and Communist Russia responded to these challenges. Finally, unit 4 is an independent research essay from a selection of titles offered to you.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Students attend lectures by academic historians
  • Students have visited Madrid, Boston and Salem in past years

What can it lead to?

History is a highly regarded course by universities and is a recognised route into a wide range of careers.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in either English language, English literature or history.

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