Course overview

The word philosophy literally means ‘love of wisdom’, and that is what we want to draw out of you. This is a subject where there are probably more questions than answers and we do not make any assumptions about your prior knowledge of this subject either. To get the most out of studying you will need an enquiring mind, an ability to express yourself clearly and coherently, and a willingness to question everything you ever thought was real or true. In addition to this you will need to have good reading skills as you will be required to read the work of other philosophers and understand the conclusions that they draw.

What will I study?

During the first year you will study epistemology (theory of knowledge) and ethics and will. You will explore questions such as; What is real? What can I know? How do I make moral decisions? What do I mean by ‘good’?

In Year 13 study allows you to develop a deeper knowledge while exploring topics within the areas of the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of religion, answering questions such as; Can I prove beyond doubt that there is a God? What attributes must a divine being possess? Are my mind and body separate? Is a mental state just a complex physical state?

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • We encourage our students to discuss subject matter with other students from different institutions and to attend master classes and events at other Universities
  • The College runs an A level philosophy student conference 
  • Trips to other conferences and events at Stoke Sixth Form College and Keele are organised

What can it lead to?

Students go on to study a variety of degree courses as philosophy compliments many subjects due to the wide range of transferable skills acquired when studying. Philosophy is respected by many professions for the analytic and logical skills required to study this subject.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in English language or English literature.

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