Course overview

Psychology is the scientific study of the human mind and behaviour. It helps explain how we think, feel and act both individually and as part of a social group. The study of psychology is based on research principals and studies involving a range of methods using statistical techniques and qualitative procedures to explain or predict behaviour.

What will I study

The course is divided into six topic areas. Topic one covers social psychology where you study obedience and prejudice. Topic two covers cognitive psychology looking at understanding how human memory works is gained and applied to such issues as helping dementia patients. Topic three covers the biological psychology which looks at the structure and function of the brain, considering the impact of drugs and if some behaviour is biologically determined.

Topic four is about learning theories and covers how behaviour is learning through the process of conditioning and observing other people e.g. phobias. Topic five covers clinical psychology and involves the study of explanations and treatments for mental health issues, and the different ways of treating them, including counselling and drug treatments. The final topic is criminological psychology and looks at the definition and causes of crime and anti-social behaviour and the identification and treatment of offenders undertaken by forensic investigators.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Field trips to places like Freud’s museum in London

What can it lead to?

Psychology can lead into many varied careers ranging from health and social welfare occupations and teaching, through to commercially focused careers including advertising, marketing, sales and staff recruitment. High grades combined with specialist degrees open up opportunities for professional psychologist roles in areas such as educational, clinical, or forensic psychology.

Additional information

GCSE grade 5 in maths.

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