Course overview

A level statistics provides students with a wide range of techniques for understanding and analysing data, skills which are increasingly important. Understanding statistics is a vital part of many professions. The course is a practically based and often using real data from a wide variety of subject areas. It appeals to students who want to study a numerate A level but don’t want to study pure maths. It can be particularly useful for students who need the research skills and statistical techniques for study or careers related to biology, business studies, economics, geography, geology, psychology and sociology.

What will I study?

Statistics is used to model and predict situations which involve uncertainty or variability, such as weather forecasting, finance or assessing the effects of medicines. The subject is taught in a practical way, with multiple mini experiments, practical activities and opportunities to collect data and investigate real problems and their solutions. The course builds on the topic of data handling studied at GCSE, the practical applications of correlation and regression, including Time Series analysis in the world of business.

Probability theory is expanded with the introduction of binomial and normal distribution. We also study many different hypothesis tests which appear in other subjects such as biology, geology, geography and psychology. Different methods of sampling are studied and applications of statistics within manufacturing and industry including experimental design and analysis of variance. You will need to purchase a graphical calculator Casio fx9750GII or Casio fx9860GII. Financial help for this may be available through the college bursary scheme.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Students are encouraged to take part in the statistical problem solving qualification which is part of our enrichment programme

What can it lead to?

Many degree courses include a significant amount of statistics and involve students carrying out and analysing their own research. Past students have gone on to study a variety of degree courses including medicine, dentistry, geography, geology, biological sciences,  sports science, nursing, economics, business studies, sociology and psychology.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in maths.

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