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We are proud to present a range of first rate courses, developed and presented by tutors of the highest calibre.

King Edward VI College is primarily an A level provider with 34 A level courses on offer. We also have a range of supplementary academic qualifications to support you in progression to higher education or the world of work.  

Following the government’s changes to A level qualifications, all students starting their A level studies in September 2017 will follow linear. This means that all exams will be taken at the end of two years of study and will affect students’ choices of how many subjects to study.

Students choose 3 or 4 subjects to study in year 12 and will carry all of these subjects through until the end of year 13. Students following a 3 subject programme have more time for enrichment activities and time to focus on the chosen courses in depth. Studying 4 subjects requires more work and leads to a fuller timetable; therefore any students who request a 4 subject programme will be considered on a case-by-case basis and will be subject to achieving at least 7 As at GCSE.

I would definitely recommend taking subjects that you really enjoy and are passionate about. This will make your time studying even more rewarding.

Siobhan, Lacon Child School

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