Our Learning Enviroment

Adult learning at King Edward VI College operates on 3 x 12-week terms. During the term, students are required to be in college for facilitated learning time with their tutors between 2.00pm-5.00pm and 6.00pm-9.00pm. It is designed this way to give the student maximum time to be able to work alongside their studies. We encourage all our students to apply their learning to the work place, the programme is designed so that the student can get the most out of their studies by applying what they learn.

We also allow 2 hours a week for tutorials, either face to face or by skype. This ensures that the student is applying their learning and we actively support our students in their assignments.

Each student should set aside an additional 8 hours a week for personal study, reading and assignment work. You should be clear before you start your studies how you are going to set out your personal study time. Students that fail to plan their personal study will struggle to complete the workload.

Students enrolled at the college get full access to the learning resource centre and can use the facilities to help them in their study.

In May we run a summer school where we invite business thinkers and practitioners to support the student. We also introduce the student to their chosen specialist modules and support them with study skills.


Overall pass rate for A levels in 2018


•A*-C rate: 82%, significantly above the national average of 76.8%


Pass rate in 22 subjects in 2018

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