Policies and Procedures

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College Policies

Absence Management


Assessing and Appraising Capital Projects

Alcohol and Substance Misuse (Students)

Alcohol & Substance Misuse (Staff) (for Internal use)

Appraisal (for Internal use)

Authorisation of Discretionary Payments (for Internal use)

Bullying and Harassment (Staff)

Bullying and Harassment (Students)

Car Parking (for Internal use)

Child Protection Safeguarding

Complaints and concerns

Computer Misuse

Coursework and Internal Assessment

Cover for staff absence (for Internal use)

Data Protection

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Energy Management (for Internal use)

Examinations Planning and Management (for Internal use)

External Review (for Internal use)

Financial Regulations

Financial Support for Students

Fraud and Corruption

Health and Safety

Hire, loan and use of equipment (for Internal use)

Hire, loan and use of equipment in college - appendix 1 form (for Internal use)

Ill Health Retirement (for Internal use)

Institutional Access to Staff and Student IT Accounts and IT Equipment (for Internal use)

Internal assessments of coursework for qualifications with awarding bodies: appeals

Leave of Absence (for Internal use)

Lesson Observation (for Internal use)

Local Government Pension Scheme (for Internal use)

Organising Events with External Speakers and Contributors (for Internal use)

Pay (for Internal use)


Quality Improvement

Recruitment of Ex-Offenders

Recruitment of International Students

Recruitment of Support Staff

Recruitment of Teaching Staff

Redundancy (for Internal use)

Risk Management (for Internal use)

Secure storage, handling, use, retention and disposal of Disclosure and Barring (DBS) certificates and certificate information

Senior Post Holder - Capability (for Internal use)

Senior Post Holder - Disciplinary (for Internal use)

Senior Post Holder - Grievance (for Internal use)

Staff Code of Conduct (for Internal use)

Staff Development (for Internal use)

Staff Wellbeing and Work/Life Balance (for Internal use)

Student Attendance

Student Intervention

Support Staff Annual Leave (for Internal use)

Teaching outside normal hours (for Internal use)

TOIL (for Internal use)

Trips and Visits (for Internal use)

Treasury Management



Overall pass rate for A levels in 2016


In 2016, 44% of our students accepted offers at Russell Group universities


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