Reporting a Known Absence > Valid reasons for absence

Events listed below are accepted as valid reasons for absence and do not need the permission of a member of staff, but do require you to complete a Self-Certification form.

  • A medical appointment, which cannot be arranged outside College hours. Please provide a copy of the appointment card/letter.
  • A particular need to look after a family member or another person for whom they have caring responsibilities.
  • A recognised religious holiday pertinent to their faith (please note that for any one religious festival they may have two days self-certified absence with a maximum of four days in any one year).
  • A visit to University to attend an interview - student to provide documentary evidence.
  • An appointment with a Connexions adviser - they would need to provide an appointment card. (Normally appointments with Connexions Advisers should be scheduled outside a lesson time.)
  • Attendance at a funeral.
  • University Open days (no more than 3 during term dates).
  • Peripatetic music lesson held  at college.
  • Severe disruption to the student's usual mode of transport - a Self-Certification form should be completed on arrival at College.
  • A driving test - appointment letter to be provided.
  • College arranged trips and visits - all trips organised by the college are regarded as authorised and should not need any further action.

The list above is not intended to be exhaustive and should the student have any doubt about a particular absence they should always discuss it with their Personal Tutor, Lead Tutor, or Yvonne Callaghan - Attendance Monitoring Co-ordinator, in advance.