King Edward VI College is the regional 'hub' for Cambridge University's flagship outreach programme, HE+.

The programme was set up in 2010 with King Ed’s leading a consortium of 7 local schools and colleges in one of the pilot areas running the scheme, and it has expanded every year since its inception. HE+ provides bright, promising year 12 students with an opportunity to participate in extension classes after college in 13 subjects; Medicine, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Psychology, Mathematics, Economics, Law, Geography, History, Social and Political Sciences, English and Modern Languages.

The extension classes take place on seven evenings during year 12, and are supported by academics from Girton College Cambridge, who also visit Stourbridge on three occasions to lead workshops on applying to top universities, preparing a Personal Statement and Interviews. Students also have a chance to travel down to Cambridge in the spring for a masterclass in their chosen subject, given by a Cambridge academic and hosted by Girton College.

In 2014-15, 245 students participated, 166 of them from King Edward VI College.

Whether you are applying to Oxbridge or not, this programme is still more than worthwhile. It is intellectually stretching.

HE+ participant

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