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About this course An introduction to Business Pathways Information FAQs

What is business?

By studying A Level Business, you will be introduced to the dynamic business environment and the importance of entrepreneurial activity in creating business opportunities and sustaining business growth. As a learner you will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of essential skills required for higher education and employment. The subject content enables learners to investigate different types and sizes of organisations in various business sectors and environments, drawing on local, national and global contexts.

Learners will develop an holistic understanding of business and enterprise and be aware of the opportunities and threats of operating in a global marketplace. Learners will be expected to be familiar with current issues in business and be able to investigate, analyse and evaluate contemporary business opportunities and problems in a wide range of contexts, whilst recognising how businesses adapt to operate in a dynamic business environment. Learners will gain an understanding of the important role played by small businesses in the economy and the opportunities that exist for entrepreneurs, as well as the importance of established business and not-for-profit organisations in providing goods and services.


What will I study?

You will study the four main areas of business, finance, marketing, operations and people. You will consider how businesses develop and implement strategies and look at the models and theories they use. You will study the political, economic and social environmental impacts on decision making and performance. You will look at current issues within business, for example, new legislation, technologies, changing social trends, ethics and Brexit.

The A level Business qualification consists of 3 components as follows:

Component 1 content areas:

• Enterprise

• Business plans

• Markets

• Market research

• Business structure

• Business location

• Business finance

• Business revenue and costs

• Marketing

• Finance

• People in organisations (human resources)

• Operations management.

Component 2 content areas:

• Data analysis

• Market analysis

• Sales forecasting

• Analysing financial performance

• Analysing non-financial performance

• Aims and objectives

• Strategy and implementation

• Decision-making models

• Investment appraisal

• Special orders


Component 3 content areas:

• Change

• Risk management

• PEST factors

• Ethical, legal and environmental factors

• International trade

• Globalisation

• The European Union



There are three exams at A level. Each exam is 2 hours and 15 minutes and assesses different parts of the content and different skills. The third exam is synoptic and brings together all the content from the two years of study


What Skills will I develop?

Business is the perfect subject to develop and assess a wide range of transferable skills for employment or further study:

  • Decision making
  • Problem solving
  • Numerical skills
  • Writing skills
  • Research skills
  • Independent study skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Business acumen

Trips, visits and enrichments:

  • Visiting speakers from professional companies and universities
  • Participation in overseas visits, business students will be visiting New York this year and will get to experience the city’s business environment and also it’s history and culture
  • Visits to London and the Bank of England


What can it lead to?

A level Business provides a suitable foundation for the study of business or a related area through a range of university courses. There are a good range of excellent business, business management, business finance, marketing and human resources courses across a wide range of higher education establishments. Many students also decide to do a Higher Degree Apprenticeship, where they combine a degree with on-the-job training. For those seeking employment or looking to start their own business, A level Business provides crucial business knowledge alongside a good range of business skills to help young people find their career path in the world of work. Careers that may be of interest for those undertaking business qualifications are:

Human resources
Business management


What additional reading can I do to prepare myself for the subject?
Use the internet to read about real business issues and stories, the BBC website is a good start. Many national newspapers have excellent articles on contemporary business stories. Watch TV programmes such as Dragon’s Den and The Apprentice, though there are many more that can help to understand A level Business. There are many books you can also read to develop a wider understanding of the business landscape, many of these are also inspiring including: • That Will Never Work, the birth of Netflix and the amazing life of an idea - by Marc Randolph Co-Founder and first CEO of Netflix • Leading, lessons in leadership – by Sir Alex Ferguson • Shoe Dog, the story of the creator of Nike who decided to take his dream and just do it.
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