Programme of study

Our students follow a study programme that encompasses more than their academic subjects. All elements are important for a student’s journey over the two years to prepare them for life beyond the college.

Core academic content: all students will receive an initial study programme which has substantial academic content. This will be at least three A levels or their equivalent.

Tutorial programme: students are allocated a personal tutor (PT) who oversees their academic progress and provides pastoral support. Through our tutorial programme, which includes weekly group sessions, students develop character, skills, attitudes and confidence. We also focus on the development of core competencies to support learning and progression. Students are also supported with one-to-one meetings.

Enrichment: a wide and exciting range of non-qualification opportunities are available, where skills are developed, and interests are explored. Students sign up for activities at the start of the academic year in year 12 and 13.

Additional qualifications: each year, a number of students will take qualifications in addition to their A level courses. The most common examples are EPQ, CeFS and Core Maths. For further information relating to these qualifications, please visit our Additional Qualifications page.

Mandatory GCSE English and maths: students who did not achieve at least a grade 4 in GCSE English or maths will have this as a compulsory element of their programme. Other students may wish to add either of these to improve their grade.

Meaningful Employer Engagement: all students will have the opportunity to engage with employers through the curriculum and develop their skills in a working environment through a work experience placement.

Study Programme Policy