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16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

16-19 Tuition Fund Statement

At King Edward VI College our approach is to develop bespoke solutions for eligible students.  This may include identifying academic areas that had particular problems with incoming learning gaps and individual disadvantaged students. We feel that this targeted approach will bring the best value to our students.

DfE guidance sets out that funding provided to King Edward VI College via the Education and Skills Funding Agency 16-19 Tuition Fund to support catch-up resulting from lockdown should be used to support students who:

  • have not achieved a grade 4 or above in either GCSE English or maths. The funding is to provide assistance for targeted students to complete their overall programmes successfully.
  • have a grade 4 or above in English and/or maths, are from an economically disadvantaged background and would need catch-up support (students’ economically disadvantaged are defined as students from the 27% most economically deprived areas of the country based on the Index of Multiple Deprivation)

All supported students must be on a 16 to 19 study programme and have had their learning disrupted by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.  King Edward VI College is using the funding to provide additional staffing to work specifically with identified groups of students. The targeted, eligible students include those needing to catch up in English or maths GCSE and a range of A level and other level 3 courses. In line with the DfE guidance, the programme of support might include help for eligible SEND students, with a focus on study skills, additional subject-specific support, extra careers guidance, e.g., preparation for higher education, apprenticeships or employment. This support work will be carried out by college staff. 

There will be a mixture of one-to-one and small group support, according to need. Although the majority of the support will commence in the autumn term 2021, some of the support will commence in the spring term 2022.

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