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10:30am on 16th/23rd/30th June 2021

The Aspire Speaker Series February-June 2021 :  a series of weekly term time  talks on Teams, featuring external speakers from across a wide spectrum  of experience and expertise , which are open to all of our students, as well as to staff.  The programme is designed to extend the students’ knowledge and thinking beyond the set curriculum, fostering the core Aspire principle that EVERYTHING is interesting and inspiring them to be curious and exploratory lifelong learners.

Each one hour session will be chaired by one of the KEDST Aspire Co-ordinators, Nick Barley or Sue Dobson, and will comprise a 40-45 minute presentation by the speaker, followed by a question and answer discussion in which all participants can share .

 The launch talk, on 3rd February 2021, ‘From Cage Fighter to Councillor: What fighting taught me about politics’ was given by Dr Rosi Sexton, a PhD in Maths, Mixed Martial Arts Champion, Osteopath and Green Party Councillor, and attracted almost 100 students. Here are some of their comments at the end…

“I enjoyed this very much” [Millie]

 “What an inspiring talk! This gave me both comfort and inspiration for the future” [Poppy]

“This was very insightful” [Michael]

 “Thank you Rosi, your words have really spoken to me” [Charlie]

“This has been very inspirational” [Matilda]

“This has been really interesting and has really made me think” [Caitlin]

“You’ve really made me feel less panicky about my future” [James]

 “This has been really enlightening” [Alice]

“I have thoroughly enjoyed listening” [Aidan]

 “This has made me a lot less worried”] [Kathryn]

 “This has really inspired me!” [Rosie]

Upcoming  Speaker Series Events include….

10th February: Professor Simon Caney, University of Warwick:  ‘Who should bear the burden for tackling climate change?’

 24th February: Dr George Gillett, Maudsley & South London NHS Trust:  ‘Psychiatry: Troubled Past, Digital Future’,

10th March: Nick Tovey, University of Birmingham: ‘Genomics: Mapping the Future of Medicine’

17th March: Dr Kierann Shah, National Space Agency: ‘Mostly Harmless: The Ethics of Space’

24th March:  Dr Diana Webb, Sandwell NHS Trust (retired):  ‘An Insight into Palliative Care’

28th April: Jane Tovey, Chair of Institute of Medical Illustrators: ‘Medical Illustration: The Art of Science’

26th May: Professor Sue Dawson, University of Dundee, ‘Geohazard Research : Changing the Physical and Political Climate’

Upcoming Aspire Speaker Series Talk

Upcoming Aspire Speaker Series Talk

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