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How will attendance be monitored whilst college is online?

Teachers and personal tutors are keeping track of any students whom we don’t hear from online. For those students, we’ll be in touch to check that they are okay.  We will do this, if we haven’t seen you online with us. Normal registers won’t routinely be taken and there will be no automated emails with attendance to parents.

Do students need to complete the tutorial programme tasks?

Personal tutors will tell students how they expect to deliver this material. It may not be delivered in the same way as all other teaching slots due to the nature of it, but ways will be found to make it work. There is a great deal of important information and advice coming up in the next few weeks, so students should be accessing it.

What to if an email has not been replied to?

Before the lockdown commenced, teaching staff received extensive training and support in online curriculum delivery. We are constantly reviewing the situation and regularly share strategies for how best to deliver the curriculum. However, it is simply not possible to run any sort of 'normal' timetable. Teachers have been encouraged, where possible, to facilitate face-to-face contact with students through online learning platforms such as Teams and Google classroom. However, we have all learned in recent weeks that these are heavily affected by a fluctuating internet connection. Furthermore, a large number of our teachers have their own childcare issues during this lockdown period; many are working long and unusual hours to balance their own domestic situations with the needs of their students. With this in mind, we need to make you aware that teachers should reply to emails within a couple of days, but we cannot guarantee that they can do it in the time slot that would have been your timetabled session with them.

How can parents and guardians help support students at home?

There are a number of things that parents and guardians can usefully do to ensure that students are engaging with their learning.

Ask students about what routine they have set up and be interested in a good balance between work and switching off time; after that check in with them how the routine is working.

Talk to them about what they have been learning, what work they have been set to do and what feedback they have had from work submitted.

Enquire about their friends and how everyone is getting on.

Is it possible to access the college site?

No, the College site is completely closed to students until further notice.

Is it possible to get a job or volunteer now that college has moved online?

Technically, all King Edward’s students are regarded as studying full-time and should not be accessing employment during college hours. However, now that courses are finished for year 13 students, they may find that they have time to offer help to the NHS or community schemes.

Year 12 students have much work to do, but there may be some flexibility that might make it possible to work around routines to offer help and support to your community.

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