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Year 13 Information

Our year 13 students may have completed their formal studies with us, but they are still very much members of the King Edward’s community. Although we need to physically isolate from one another, we will aim to stay in touch, to provide students and their parents with relevant information regarding A level grades. We are encouraging students to continue to read their college emails, as we will send further important communications over the coming weeks. Our PTs and our student support services are available to help in any way possible.  In these times, friendship and community are more important than ever.

Please also read information on exams, student support and general advice.

Covering all the course content

Most subjects have completed the A level course content.

In subjects where the course content has not yet been completed, teachers will continue to provide resources and tasks to help students learn.  Students will be advised to complete this work, but it will not contribute to the final grade and no assessed work will be set.  Completion of the full A level course content is particularly important for students who may consider sitting an examination in the autumn or in summer 2021 or for those continuing to higher education courses in a related field of study or employment.

What happens once the course content is completed?

In the next few weeks, any resources provided by teachers will be aimed at both preparing students for further study and providing wider interest and enrichment.  While we would encourage students to engage with this material, there is no requirement to complete it and teachers will not set work for assessment.

We strongly recommend that if there is any chance that a student may sit the exam for a particular subject in the autumn, they should engage with revision materials on a weekly basis. 

What else is the college expecting of year 13 students now?

We will be staying in touch with students via email to give you updates on important issues. This is vitally important as there are quite a few things that are still to be clarified by Ofqual.

We will be gathering some information around student’s intentions for what they are doing after the publication of A level results. This information is really important for us to be able to support you through transition onto life after King Edward’s.

Exam results day – Thursday 13 August 2020

We are intending to distribute results on campus with appropriate safeguards in place. We will be requiring students to come to college in person to collect their results from 8am. Collection points will be notified in advance so that we can minimise queuing to ensure appropriate social distancing. We will email detailed information to students’ college email accounts in early August.

There will be staff to help students with any issues they may have and to advise on what to do if they have missed the grades required for their chosen progression path.

Whilst it is technically possible to email results directly to students, extensive research in the further education sector points to the importance of students being present in college to receive their results because of the support available and to share the event with their friends – albeit with appropriate social distancing this year.

If students are unable to attend in person because shielding measures are still in place at that time, we will include in the August email alternative ways to get results.

Return of books and other loaned college equipment

This year we will be collecting textbooks and equipment on A level results day – Thursday 13 August. We ask that you clearly label any books/equipment with your name and follow the instructions in the August email.  It is important to bring all books and equipment to college on 13 August in order to minimise the number of trips that anyone will need to make to the college.  Please remember that we will invoice individuals for any materials that are not returned. 

How does the current situation affect UCAS offers?

Offers still stand and students will need to achieve the conditions of the offer in just the same way as usual. However, we understand that there is uncertainty about how grades will be decided on. This latest update from UCAS may help.  

What should I do about firm and insurance offers if I haven’t chosen yet?

If students have applied through UCAS to go to university in 2020 or applied for deferred entry to go in 2021, the deadline to reply to offers has been extended to 18th June for most people. Please check this information on the UCAS website which should answer questions about choosing a firm and insurance place. The advice hasn’t changed: students should wait until they have heard from all their universities and take their time to make a decision. There is no need to rush to make a decision because of the current situation.  

Should students still apply for student finance?

Yes! Students need to do this (ideally) by 22nd May. Finance will only come through when students enrol at university, so if anyone is thinking they might go (even if they don’t know where), apply here.

Other things

For all other things like looking apprenticeships, gap year ideas, writing CVs, or any other progression advice, students should get in contact with careers or their personal tutor via email.

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