Friday 4th February 2022

King Edward’s students are celebrating incredible success with Oxbridge applications. 19 high achieving students, 31% of those who applied, have been offered places to study at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge. The national average is fewer than 19% who apply and receive offers, placing King Edward’s students amongst the most successful in the country. Three further students’ applications remain open at Cambridge and they will be considered again in August when results are published.

Offers have been received for degree courses in mathematics, engineering, medicine, earth science, classics and English. All three sciences gained offers, with three students, receiving offers for biology. This breadth of subjects demonstrates the depth of academic rigour across the curriculum at the College and the diversity of interests amongst our students.

Students who are considering applying to competitive universities have access to the College’s dedicated Aspire programme, which aims to help students make an informed decision about their futures as well as making them aware of up-to-date university research. Visiting speakers from universities detail their research. Students who start on the Aspire programme receive the bespoke support they need to compete with the best in country such as help with their applications, mock interviews and support with admissions tests. The College maintains incredibly close links with Oxford and Cambridge, but also has a significant number of staff who are former Oxbridge students who mentor the students through the application process.

The Aspire programme also supports those students aiming for competitive courses in medicine, veterinary science and dentistry. Many students who complete the Aspire programme end up at Imperial, UCL, Warwick, Bristol and almost 100 of our students every year go on to attend the University of Birmingham.

Once at university, we receive data about our students from the Higher Education Statistics Agency. 94% of students from King Edward’s complete their first year compared to 88% for state sector schools and sixth form colleges. 88% of our students go on to get first class or upper second-class honours degrees compared to 79% for state schools and sixth form colleges. We feel this shows that our students, having made the switch to college, develop the resilience to cope in a new setting as well as the strong independent learning skills required to flourish in a university setting.

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