Wednesday 30th September 2015

A time for firsts

The start of term seems to be a time for firsts: meeting new staff and students; adjusting to a new timetable; launching a new curriculum; implementing a new mobile technology initiative; starting a new job…

It has certainly been a period of firsts for me and I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my colleagues for making these first few weeks of term so friendly and efficient.  Pre-enrolment counselling!  Results analysis! Office moves! Course changes! Induction! Lessons starting! This has been a very busy and, at times, hectic start of term – made all the easier thanks to the energy, organisation, hard work and commitment of all of my colleagues.   Thanks for your contribution to making this a smooth start of term for our students and for welcoming me into my new role as Principal.

Mingling, mates and maturity 

I have been taking the opportunity to walk around our new student social space in the Frank Foley building, chatting to students – trying to gauge how the start of term has been for them.  Year 12 students have told me that the transition from school to college has been well supported by the learning activities in lessons, with teachers devising activities so that they mingle and get to know each other.  ‘Has it been easy to make new friends?’ This been one of my most common questions, to which I have had very positive replies.  It’s not just the staff who are friendly.  For year 13 students the focus is on preparing for the next step, whether that is an application through UCAS, an apprenticeship or employment.  They seem to have a sense of purpose and focus – and, I’m so impressed how one year of A level study and a summer break has aged them – in a good way, of course!  I’m looking forward to sharing this very important second year with them.


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