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Tuesday 23rd June 2020

I am looking out of my office window and I am delighted.  I see students.  They are arriving on campus for their morning lesson – it is a wonderful sight to behold!  After three months of lockdown, I am so happy to see students back on campus, where they should be, for some face to face lessons.  King Ed’s just isn’t the same without them – in fact, without our students, we are nothing!

Last week marked the end of an unusual and exceptional phase in our college’s history.  Never before have we had to close the college for so long to our students.  Teaching and learning continued throughout the period of lockdown and I have been humbled by how quickly both teachers and students adapted to the challenges of a completely new way of working, without warning and without time to plan.  We have all been tested during this period.  It is often in times of challenge that the best comes through.   Here are a few reflections on what we have been through over the course of the past two and a half months:

  1. Change is hard and not always welcome, but the staff at King Ed’s will do whatever it takes for the sake of our students, the College and each other.
  2. People can learn quickly, make things work, and create a brand new working environment if they are trusted to get on with the job.  The staff at King Ed’s have done this brilliantly.
  3. Communication matters. Good communication matters even more.  And connecting with each other when we are separated is essential.
  4. Teaching is not just about imparting knowledge.  It’s human interaction that inspires and supports young people to learn.
  5. Computers will never replace a good teacher.
  6. In times of challenge, the staff at King Ed’s excel at creative and innovative thinking.
  7. In difficult times, patience is so important. Stop, pause, reflect.  Define what really matters and focus on that. Forget the rest.
  8. It is important to celebrate small victories.
  9. Keep moving forward at whatever pace you can. It is OK to go slow.
  10. King Ed’s could not exist without our fabulous staff and students.  Each and every one of them.

Here’s to life on campus with our students. Ever onwards, we go!



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