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Tuesday 5th May 2020

What does success look like?  We hold ourselves and others to account with this concept.  I think it’s time to look afresh at the concept of ‘success’. 

Let me explain.  During the period of lockdown, we have all had to adjust to completely new ways of working.  We have all experienced challenges, frustrations and ‘success’ over the course of the last six weeks.  We should acknowledge that our circumstances have changed.  So, we can’t hold ourselves to the same standards that we would normally do. This is not an excuse - it is, rather, the reality of our situation and it’s OK to acknowledge this. 

For me, success during this period is just doing the best I can - no more, no less.  Success for me, now, also entails looking after myself, being good to myself - and to others.  The importance of this priority has intensified, and I’m glad.  It feels right. 

I know that students have faced huge challenges with working from home, trying to stay engaged with their studies, without the daily contact and face to face support they would have had at college.  I am deeply impressed by what they have been doing and the efforts they have made.  I am also extremely sympathetic to those who find remote working difficult.  Motivation can easily wane, without the vibrant interaction of our face to face contact.  Do the best you can, and, remember, we are here to support you, albeit remotely.  Just because our contact must take place via an electronic format, this ‘remote’ way of working can still bring us together. 

I feel deep gratitude and admiration for my colleagues.  They, too, have the challenges of remote working.  We have all had to adapt quickly to an unexpected and prolonged period of college closure.  Let’s all look after ourselves and just do the best we can.  That’s success.


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