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At KE we believe it is vital to foster links with parents. When year 12 students register onto the Unifrog software, a parental log in is also sent out via the college email. This allows parents access to the Unifrog software so that they too can utilise it to support their child.

Cross College Events

Each year we hold cross college events such as our Careers Convention and Apprenticeship Events which parents are usually invited to attend with their child.

In light of COVID restrictions in 20/21 we held three separate “Careers Weeks” where there was a focus on Careers Options, Apprenticeships and Higher Education for all year 12 students. Please take a look at our KE Virtual Careers Weeks Live Events page for more info.

Parent Specific Talks

In addition to the cross college events outlined above, we also run parent specific talks, such as:

  • HE Parents/Carers Forum.
  • Oxbridge Parents/Carers Forum.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 restrictions we are unable at present to hold our annual Parents/Carers' Forum's in person. However please see below the presentations and resources that has been previously covered.

HE Parents Forum

This event is designed for parents/carers with little or no experience of Higher Education and covers both UCAS and university research, as well as student finance. A video presentation has been prepared by the KE Careers Manager and there are video's from Loughborough University on student finance.

To ensure we still support parents/carers of our year 12 students (with little or no experience of UCAS and Higher Education) you can access the following resources:

ASPIRE Programme Oxbridge Parents/Carers Forum

The Oxbridge Parents/Carers Forum is aimed at early entry students considering applying to either Oxford or Cambridge universities and their parents/carers, and includes a virtual talk hosted by our Aspire co-ordinators, Nick Barley and Sue Dobson, as well as a representative from Oxbridge.

This year the event took place online via MS Teams on Thursday 24th June - please follow this link to view the recording of the session.

Please also see below resources from previous presentations:

Oxbridge Parent/Carer Presentation 2021 - Provided by Sue Dobson

Super Curricular Suggestions

For further information on careers you can visit the Parental website.

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