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Work Experience

All students at KE, as well as taking on academic study, are also expected to engage with MEE (Meaningful Employer Engagement). This should take the form of at least 2 days, in total, of experience in the workplace (not including part time work).

Please note - during the COVID-19 restrictions many work places are not accepting placements or visitors onsite. Some organisations are offering Virtual Work Experience opportunities instead. Please check our Virtual Work Experience page for more information.

Although KE Careers can suggest some contacts (and offer specialised support through the KE Pathways Programme ) students are expected to gain their own placements or shadowing opportunities.

Students can use Unifrog’s Careers and/or Subject Libraries to look into professions that utilise skills, or are linked to specific areas of interest, and it is suggested that students use to find employers near to their location.

Students should create cover letters and CVs to send to contacts, approaching them to enquire about organising a placement. We offer termly workshops to support students in finding placements and oversee students’ letters and CVs.

Please take a look at our Introduction to Work Experience video on our KE Careers YouTube Channel for more information.

Work Experience Intro Slides and CV Tips


It is advisable that students find work experience placements outside of college time i.e. on weekends or over the holidays, to minimise time away from college. However absence from college can be authorised if a student intends to undertake work experience and if their attendance has been suitably high.

Work Experience Paperwork (required for non-virtual work experience placements)

Once a placement has been agreed, students should obtain and complete WEX1 and WEX 2 forms ASAP and return them to the Careers Office. The Careers team will then need to ensure the correct paperwork is completed, and parental permission is gained, in order for the placement to go ahead.

During the placement, Work Experience packs should be completed by students, and their supervisors, and details should be recorded on the student’s Unifrog accounts.

Please see documents below that may be required for work experience placements:



Work Experience Pack

If students have a confirmed VIRTUAL work experience placement please email with details.

Employers Safeguarding Code of Conduct

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