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Saturday 28th November 2015

Max talks about his current film project, after having recently won the best U18 film at the Thurrock International Film Festival....


So my name's Max and at the moment I'm trying to make a feature film in college. Since last year I, along with all the friends I've dragged into it, have been working on a movie called 'Enrichment'.  We've been making films for quite a while now, so to take a moment to shamelessly self-advertise, you can watch some of our other stuff here: .

The thing is though, it turns out that making an hour long movie about gangsters, shrooms and the meaning of life is insanely hard, especially because it's difficult to find potential actors to fill the amount of parts, and also because it's a really stupid project to start in the build up to exams.  So that's why I'm hoping some other kedst students that are interested in aspects of filmmaking (especially acting) will get in touch and be part of it!  Most of our films end up screening in film festivals or on TV so it's good experience, which hopefully makes up for the lack of pay in our budget (sorry).

Now although we've named it after extra-curricular college activities, it's not an official King Eds production or anything, despite all the help the college has been giving us.  I just want to make that clear because the film is filled with a lot of drug use, language, violence that I don't want to surprise anyone that wants to help us with.  I have had a few conversations with Remley about this and she fully supports this project as a way for us to explore some important issues that are presented in the film.  So, if you are interested in playing a gang member or snorting icing sugar then that would be extremely helpful!

 So, if anyone wants to help out please email me at: , thanks a lot!

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