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Friday 22nd February 2019

What pressures are experienced by 16-18 year olds at a college like King Edward’s?

Starting college might be the biggest change you’ve made in your life so far and suddenly you’re faced with all of the pressures and life choices that you didn’t expect to make until adulthood. The media are obsessed with portraying young people as problems but with the introduction of technology that our parents could only dream of, perhaps our generation are faced with the toughest “growing-up” process of any that have come before us.

There are many things that you might be worried about before starting King Edwards, probably as a result of the college’s extensive reputation. Have you made the right choice? Are you prepared for A-Levels? Will you make any friends? This last question is the most common yet also the most misdirected. The lengths that the staff and students at this college will go to just to ensure that everyone is included and nobody is left to feel alone or isolated, are truly incredible. Believe it or not, the staff at college wants you to be happy and they’ll try their best to make sure you are. Two weeks into your first term here, you’ll receive an email about a “Friendship group”. This is set up by the school for students who might feel lonely at school or haven’t been able to make many friends in their lessons, and is simply a place to meet other people, even if it’s just someone to have a chat with at lunch. It makes a huge difference to the experience of many pupils here and continues to be a success.

However, there may be more on your mind than just friends. You may have a problem that perhaps you don’t feel like discussing with just anyone. Whatever it is, throughout your entire two years here, if you ever want to have a conversation with someone who isn’t your teacher or parent or friend, you’ll always have the opportunity to speak to one of our counsellors. There are three counsellors here at King Edwards, all of whom are very experienced and ready to help any student who asks. All you need to do is book an appointment through their email system or a referral from a teacher. The percentage of 16-18 year olds who suffer from a form of mental illness is increasing each year but the first step in lowering these numbers is to give young people more and more opportunities to talk about their problems.

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