Tuesday 6th July 2021

Olivia wrote this great piece for The Stourbridge News and has allowed us to share it with you all.

As we edge closer to the 19th July, us teenagers may start to have feelings of anxiousness or may even be excited.

There have been so many opportunities that those of us aged 12-18 have missed out on through this pandemic, which has hugely impacted on the time that is described to be ‘some of the best years of our lives’.

This poses an important question that seems to be pushed to the side; what can be done to give teenagers back that crucial free time that is needed to develop our characters and to maintain or start a social life? Should more activities/events be organised to adapt to the new normal for teenagers?

However, whether it be a catch up with a friend in Costa in the Cornbow or a leisurely walk around one of our nearby parks, the pandemic is still at the forefront of our minds, unsettling many.

To add to this, vaccines are still not yet being made largely accessible to teenagers.

Will we miss out on opportunities in the near future if we aren’t able to receive the vaccine or do not wish to take it?

A lot of talk about vaccines being the key to freedom makes me think that teenagers who don’t want or are not offered the vaccine will be marginalised outside of the other generations.

If this pandemic has made anything clear, it’s that mental health is extremely important and as we hope to progress out of the restrictions with our freedom given back to us, it’s more important than ever.

Take that time out for yourself whilst concentrating on education, call that friend up for a chat, shop for those summer outfits, and refresh ourselves to take back what we missed: THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES.

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