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Members of the Student Union

Sofia - Chair

Hi! My name is Sofia and I am the Chair of King Edward’s Student Union. The role of the Chair is to help organise and call meetings for the whole Student Union Committee and to represent the student body, voicing any possible concerns or ideas that the students may have. I study the following three A levels at KEDST: Media Studies, Psychology and Drama & Theatre Studies. These A levels have taught me a lot about teamwork and I would love to utilise these lessons to fulfil my role as the Chair and to help the Student Union make further developments to the King Edward VI College.

Alice - Vice Chair

Hello, I’m Alice and I am the vice chair of the Student Union. I study biology, chemistry, maths and further maths. My role entails standing in if the chair is absent in order to conduct meeting and manage events or tasks. As well as this, I help out other members of the SU if they need an extra pair of hands, checking their ideas and sometimes providing my own. As part of the student union, I get stuck into everything I do and am always looking for new ideas to improve the college.

Freya – Charities Officer

Hi, I’m Freya, and I’m the Charities Officer in the Student Union. Within my role I organise fundraisers and liaison with charities. I also help work alongside the rest of the Student Union to carry out duties around the College. My hobbies are music, travelling and fashion. Feel free to say hi to me if you see me round College! :)

Zak - Entertainments Officer

Hi, I’m Zak, and I’m the Entertainments Officer for the Student Union. I study English, Politics and Geography; and I oversee the entertainments side of the college - organising events, tie-ins with local businesses and the social media presence for the student union.

Lily - Environmental Officer

Hi I'm Lily and I am the environmental officer. As a member of the Student Union, I will ensure that the college is taking the best steps towards having a more eco-friendly future such as by putting plants in classrooms, making a recycling area and minimising the use of single use plastic throughout the college. I study Geography , Physics and business studies.

Olivia – Equality and Diversity officer

Hi, I'm Olivia, the Equality and Diversity Officer at King Ed's. My role mainly revolves around working with students and teachers to ensure the college is a welcoming place, no matter your background. I also work with the other members of the SU to plan events and fundraisers as a way for the college to support different cultures and charities. Whether it's wearing a certain colour or having a bake sale, there are many ways we can all contribute to raising awareness and fostering an approachable environment at our college.

Emma - PT liaison officer

Hi! I am Emma (any pronouns) and I am the Personal Tutor Liaison Officer in the KEDST Student Union. I am currently studying Maths, Further Maths and Computer Science at A level, and I plan to study Computer Science at University. My role within the Student Union means that I have to make sure that the PT Reps are supported, and any concerns that they are made aware of are passed on to the SU. I am looking forward to taking on this role and helping the college and Student Union in any way I can!

Charlie - Secretary

Hi, I’m Charlie, and I am Secretary of the Student Union. I currently study Geography, PE and Maths at the college. My role mainly consists of documenting our discussions from our weekly meeting which I then organise and file for future reference and then helps me produce the Student Union Bulletin. As secretary I also help at the Student Union office and work with the committee to put on events. Listening to students and the KEDST community is the Student Unions main aim, and I work with the union members to make sure events represent our community and that student voices are heard.

Will - Treasurer

Hello! I’m Will, current treasurer of the King Edward Student Union. I am responsible for managing the accounts of the Union and managing income from charity days and general fundraising. I study Computer Science, Economics and Statistics which I think all help to give me the skills required for the role, allowing me to provide a vital service to the SU and the student population as a whole. This job means a lot to me as it is very important to the functioning of the Student Union

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