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You may or may not be aware that all students are automatically enrolled as members of the Student Union! The Student Union Executive Committee is a group of year 13 students who are elected representatives of the student body and look after your social needs outside of the classroom. Each year, a 'Shadow Executive Committee' of year 12 students are elected, so that they can work alongside the year 13 committee in preparation for when they leave. We all have our own responsibilities within the committee but we generally pull together to make sure you all have a fulfilling social experience at college. We meet once a week to discuss a range of issues relating to college life such as college parties, charities fundraising events and how best to spend Student Union funds. We may also be able to help you fund your own charitable endeavors! Our roles as Chair and Vice-Chair are to co-ordinate the committee and ensure that we are working together effectively to make your experience at King Ed’s as enjoyable as possible.

The members of the current Executive Committee are as follows:

  • Chair - James Jackson
  • Vice Chair - Owen Warburton
  • Charities Officer - Cara Lynam
  • Equality and Diversity Officer - Maryam Yusuf
  • Secretary - Emanuel Dobrashian-Yates
  • Entertainments Officer - Daniyal Hussain
  • Treasurer - Amarjot Singh
  • Personal Tutor Liaison - Michael Jones
  • International Student Officer - Matt Eades

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