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Course overview

Business is a dynamic subject which is relevant, engaging and topical. Studying the subject can give you the tools and information required to understand how businesses are created, managed and become successful.

 What will I study?

You will study business opportunities and functions, looking at concepts and theories within the four main areas of business (finance, marketing, operations and people). You will consider how businesses develop and implement strategy and look at the models and theories they use to help achieve delivery.

You will also study the external influences on a business, including the political, economic and social environments that can impact on their decision making and performance. We will always aim to consider key topical areas which are relevant to businesses at a particular moment in time. These would include issues such as Brexit, new legislation being introduced, impact of new technology, changing social trends and business ethics.

Throughout the two years of the course you will develop higher order exam skills which will enable you to achieve high grades. You will have the opportunity to work in groups, participate in classroom discussions and debates and develop your independent research skills.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Visiting speakers from professional companies
  • Visits to London and the Bank of England
  • University master classes

What can it lead to?

Business students tend to progress on to a variety of different courses at university, or use their skills in business to enter direct employment, self-employment or an apprenticeship.

Special entry requirements

We have no additional entry requirements for this A level.

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