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Course overview


In today’s rapidly changing world the role of geography is of paramount importance. It involves the examination of environmental, social and economic changes and issues in both human and physical environments.

What will I study?


Your study of A level geography will be delivered in two areas, physical geography and human geography. In physical geography the topics you study are tectonic hazards, glaciated landscapes, water and carbon cycles and the weather and climate.

The topics studied in human geography are changing places, global migration, governance of the oceans, energy challenges and 21st century challenges. You will also develop data collection and analysis skills throughout the course which will help you in the completion of an ‘independent investigation’ that forms the coursework component.


Trips, visits and enrichments

 Field trips locally, nationally and internationally

What can it lead to?

Former students work as environmental impact officers, conservation officers, flood protection managers, climate and location analysts, urban regeneration planners, surveyors and heritage managers.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 5 in GCSE English language or English literature.

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