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Course overview


Geology is a detective story where you get to unravel how the planet works and gain an insight into its history and possible futures.

What will I study?


Over the two-year course you will learn how to identify and interpret minerals, rocks, fossils and geological structures; how rocks form and deform through the study of plate tectonics; and how to interpret past climates using evidence. You will also study how natural resources form and how we exploit them, as well as various geo-hazards and how we can mitigate them.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Local day trips and a residential trip to the Lake District
  • There are also optional international trips

What can it lead to?

Many students study geology at university, leading to careers as geoscientists, who are in demand to search for natural energy and mineral resources and study global climate change. 

Special entry requirements

We have no additional entry requirements for this A level.

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