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Course overview


This course is a great opportunity to enhance your problem solving skills, add depth to your prior GCSE knowledge and discover new mathematical concepts. You should choose maths if you enjoy being challenged, if you feel the reward from persevering until you find a solution and  you want to further develop your logical thinking skills. 

What will I study?


A level maths is an intellectually stimulating course, two thirds of which is the study of pure mathematics allowing you to develop your skills in algebra and trigonometry as well as introduce new topics such as calculus. One sixth of the course is the study and application of statistical and probability models to allow for analysis in real world contexts. We also look at the use of technology when analysing large sets of data. The final part is the study of mechanics, the mathematics of forces and motion, which will build on prior knowledge from the physics GCSE.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Annual trip for students in Year 12 to visit Alton Towers looking at modelling real life contexts in mathematics
  • Many students from Year 12 and Year 13 take part in the UKMT senior maths challenge each year
  • Compete in regional team maths challenges

What can it lead to?

Mathematics at A level will give you the basic tools of a working mathematician, opening doors to a wide variety of courses and careers and as a course is greatly appreciated by universities and employers as a clear reflection of hard work and high level thinking skills and most of our students go on to university to study subjects in mathematics, physics and engineering to medicine, psychology, economics and accountancy.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 7 in maths.

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