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Course overview

Mathematics and Further Mathematicsis a more challenging double A level, designed for students with a love of and talent for mathematics.

Maths with further maths course counts as two of your choices for your programme of study. At the end of the first year you will have an A level in maths and then will go on to study your A level in further maths in year 13.

Maths with further maths is a linear course with three examinations taken at the end of the first year which will make up your full A level in mathematics.

In your second year you will study for your full A level in further mathematics. There is no coursework in either year of this course.

What will I study?

In year 12 students study A level mathematics. You will study pure mathematics which allows you to develop your skills in algebra and trigonometry, as well as introducing you to new topics such as calculus. You will also study the application of statistical and probability models to allow for analysis in real world contexts. The final part is the study of mechanics, the mathematics of forces and motion. In year 13 these concepts are extended and new ideas, such as complex numbers, matrices and hyperbolic functions are introduced in A level further mathematics.

Trips, visits and enrichments

  • Annual trip to Alton Towers to mathematically model real life contexts
  • UKMT senior maths challenge
  • Compete for the regional team maths challenges

 What can it lead to?

Degree level study at a top university in mathematics or a related subject.

Please note that students who are planning on studying Medicine at university are advised not to study A level Further Mathematics as well as A level Mathematics. This is because many medical university departments do not consider Further Mathematics as a separate A level to Maths and will average the two grades if both subjects are taken. They are also against students taking their A level Mathematics exams in year 12.

Special entry requirements

GCSE grade 8 in mathematics.

To continue into the second year a grade B is required in Mathematics A level in Year 12.

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